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Official Austrian ÖSD Pfungszentrum


Growing with German
Mit Deutsch wachsen

Goethe/OSD A1,A2,B1 batches starting Aug 14, 2017



German Language in Chandigarh - HomeThe best institute to learn German in Chandigarh.

Global needs for foreign language services in the sphere of learning, studying abroad, research, translation and interpretation are the result of international mobility. Individuals and organizations are interacting across geographical borders, allowing talent a free flight in search of excellence. The very best in information and knowledge is within your reach today! The ongoing process of business and academic co-operation with international partners is a reality waiting to be harnessed. The language barriers have to be surmounted. We at the Center for German Studies, Chandigarh want to help you realize your dreams. Our multiple services are designed to help you come closer to your aims and become truly global citizens!

This is the only reputed center in north India to offer language courses and translation services in German, Serbian and Croatian. Consultancy is also available in French, Spanish and Chinese.

Welcome to the best institute for learning German in Chandigarh .. Welcome to Center for German Studies, the first OSD (ÖSD) Prüfungszentrum in India and the only one in North India.  


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Center for German Studies

First official ÖSD Examination Centre in India

ÖSD is recognized for Visa and study purposes by Germany, Switzerland and Austria and is equivalent to Goethe Institut exams