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Growing with German
Mit Deutsch wachsen

Goethe/OSD A1,A2,B1 batches starting 06 Apr 2015!!


Benefits of the OSD diplomaBest quality German and other language translations in Chandigarh!

Since the OSD (ÖSD) provides standardised proof of language competence, those who hold one of their diplomas enjoy considerable benefits:

in Austria:

  • counts as an additional qualification at the job centre (AMS) and other vocational institutions
  • accepted as proof of German language skills as required for access to Austrian universities (depending on the university: B2 Mittelstufe Deutsch, C1 Oberstufe Deutsch or C2 Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch)
  • accepted as proof of sufficient language competence to apply for Austrian citizenship, permanent residence in Austria or to obtain a visa (A2 Grundstufe 2).

Germany and Worldwide:

  • recognized and accredited in various countries (e.g. state-approved recognition in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • family reunification in Germany (A1 Grundstufe Deutsch 1)

Find out more about international recognition of OSD diplomas at universities and colleges here.


-Source of this information (OSD official website):

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