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Certified translations in ChandigarhBest quality German and other language translations in Chandigarh!

Cooperation and transfer of technologies and know-how leading to a large volume of inflow of capital and consumer goods at the international levels has created a great demand for translation services. Machine translations do a very half –baked job and can at times be hilarious. Without a good and well qualified translator the job can be rendered unrecognizable and nowhere near its original sense. Especially in the field of medicine, research, law and technology the consequences can be devastating. To cater to the demand for exact and correct translation assignments, a panel of highly experienced and professional, subject- specific translators is available here. On request urgent assignments can be undertaken on a priority basis. The translation charges are the lowest in the industry and are interlinked with the volume and nature of the job. Areas of our expertise are German-English/English German translation of industrial, scientific and commercial documents, such as Software, Website translation, Drawings, Standards, Patents, R&D Reports, Trade Literature, Brochures, Manuals etc. Translation assignments from Croatian, Serbian, French etc. into English are also undertaken.

Center for German Studies, Chandigarh has a panel of qualified and certified translators with many years of experience in legal, technical and general translation. Its clients include business houses, financial and industrial undertakings, teaching and research establishments and various translation agencies.

Areas of expertise

Annual reports, Books, Contracts, Correspondence, Legal certificates, Product and company presentations, User manuals and handbooks.

Order processing

You could send the text for translation by e-mail or by post. Shortly after receipt of the documents for translation, we will send you a quote for the price and delivery deadline of the translation.
If your translation needs to be consistent with the message and the image of your company, it is recommended that you provide reference material or company-related terminology lists. If this is not possible, CGS experts will compile a terminology list over the course of your first order, which would also be used and expanded during all subsequent orders. The translator may therefore need to consult you on terminology matters to ensure consistency. This way, our translations will reproduce your company’s language better and better with every new order. The translation will be sent to you by e-mail by the agreed deadline. You will also receive the invoice, either in the same e-mail or shortly thereafter.

You can only trust the oldest and only certified translation center in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh to cater to translation needs for your business!