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Hell FriendBest place to learn German language in Chandigarh


Hell Friend is a competent partner for MNCs with interests in India which would like to encourage, develop or reform their family-conscious personnel policy to maintain human resource, a precious factor of production.

Conflicts between work and life affect everyone, especially in a new country. When such conflicts arise, apathy sets in and employees might come in late, call in sick, take extra long lunches or eventually quit. Happy employees are more productive employees and that affects the bottom line, something vitally important in this troubled economic climate.  

Remember, you cannot force your employees to be happy - they are ultimately responsible for their own happiness - but you can foster an environment where it's easy to be happy. That is where Hell Friend comes in. Our target is to help your valued employee and his or her loved ones shatter cultural and linguistic barriers by offering opportunities to discover the perfect work-life balance and make a new country their happy home.

First impressions are forever: Our services are directed at making the first months of your new employee and his or her family in their new surroundings easier. This allows your employees to fully concentrate on their new tasks, assured that their loved ones feel at home and are cared for in their new environment. An employee’s productivity does not only depend on specialist or management skills!  

Tailor-made programmes: Intercultural competence is especially important because it enables individuals to integrate into a new cultural environment despite their own principles and values. With the integration service of our relocation service package, we support foreign employees and thus improve the communication skills and social lives of our clients in India. Our tailor-made programmes offer support to clients depending upon their interests and needs and include just about everything from organising suitable language courses to aid day-to-day conversation, looking for a school for the children, pursuing personal interests to familiarisation with the city’s social and cultural scene.  

We offer assistance to facilitate things for you. Knowing places and people ensures a faster integration in the new living environment. In short, HellFriend is your New Friend and just a phone call away!

Services offered 

  • Integration and relocation service  
  • Orientation service  
  • Coaching and consulting  
  • Interpretation services in German, Serbian, Croatian, English, Hindi, Punjabi