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Growing with German
Mit Deutsch wachsen

Goethe/OSD A1,A2,B1 batches starting Aug 14, 2017


Learning German at Center for German Studies, ÖSD Prüfungszentrum, ChandigarhCGS - Learn German from the best in Chandigarh

The teaching activities and language courses are designed, planned and conducted under the very competent guidance of a highly motivated and very highly qualified director, who has lived in the countries of the source languages and is very widely traveled. Learning a language is thus not seen as merely learning another set of vocabulary or Grammar. The cultural aspect of the native speakers, their perspective of viewing a situation and their thinking are an integral part of the course content. Cultural boundaries have to melt away. Books alone are not enough to achieve this goal.

Authentic audio and video material produced in the native country by leaders in the field of teaching methodologies, didactically adapted for the foreign learner create a virtual learning ambience. The learner finds himself almost having ‘landed’ in the country and among its people! The emphasis is on learning the language as a child learns its mother tongue, so naturally and hassle-free. Speaking needs confidence, be it English or any other language. It is our focused endeavor to help the learner overcome these mental blocks by instilling confidence in him and acquiring skills for active communication in the new language and in general also. Self-confidence is the key to success! Our students aspire either to make a career in the foreign language learnt or to get that ‘extra edge’ as an added qualification when applying for jobs, especially with multi national companies in their respective professions where international understanding and mobility are the key words.

Learn German language in Chandigarh from the best professor in town! Personalized attention for each student - A 'sure shot' formula for success made possible by latest teaching methodologies and small batch sizes.